Our Core Values

Business Growth

Awareness & Social Presence

Sustainable Networking

About Our Process

Direct Communication

  • Live Chat Check-Ups

    Receive real time information regarding your marketing strategy and social accounts through live chat.

  • Phone Reports

    Receive weekly or monthly phone reports on where you stand in your strategy with what is working and what isn’t.


  • Production Schedule

    Choose the copyrwriting products you need and specify any details. A production schedule is then sent out.

  • Receiving Documents

    You will first receive a digital copy of a final draft for you to review. Once your copy is finalized, you are sent a digital and physical copy.

Digital Marketing

  • Fast & Efficient

    Once a client, you will have an “About Us” page published on the social media platforms of your choice. Your marketing strategy gets implemented right away and your production schedule is created.

  • Internet & Marketing

    ATPress will build you a functional website designed to attract potential clients and revenue. By using SEO and Content Marketing strategies you can start earning passive income and promote your site today.

Are you a Freelancer looking for work?

Do you have a skill useful to entrepreneurs and small businesses?

What We’re Looking For

  • Graphic Design

    Artists that can make a slick, modern logo, or make business cards that impress. Experience making flyers, ads, and any other digital media content.

  • Copywriter

    Writers who can tell a good story, keep people interested and inspire curiosity. Experience in ad writing, website copy, articles, and business plans.

  • Video and Sound Design

    Audio and Video techs that can build eye catching, attention grabbing videos and sounds that inspire curiosity. Experience in youtube videos, commercials, video/audio editing

  • Salesmen and Saleswomen

    Sales people who can sell ice to a polar bear, and sand to a mummy. Experience in telemarketing, B2B. B2C, in-person sales.

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