A Story About Slaying Dragons and Aliens

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Everyone has a story to tell, and business stories are always so fun to read, so here’s mine. It isn’t a very captivating story, unless you consider slaying dragons and defeating aliens in a post apocalyptic world interesting. It has it’s ups, and it’s downs, with some comfortably boring plateaus. There are some interesting sub-plots and some decisions or directions that seemingly come from nowhere really…

Early childhood, from what I remember, was pretty awesome and full of change. I remember going to many different schools and living in a few places throughout my early life across Ontario and Florida. We went to all the theme parks a kid could want to see. We even had pretty wild summer trips travelling to and from Florida from Ontario by car or plane.


In my teens I had the typical rebel mentality, soaking up anything that was anti whatever was popular or what you wanted me to do. It’s funny, one of my first acts of rebellion was getting a job. Once I got a taste of making money I stopped going to school so often. I ended up getting into some trouble, dropped out of high school then moved out to live on my own for a while and learned some life lessons. I partied by Fanshaw College in the “student ghetto” where I lived for half a year and pretty much all around London(Ontario). I moved back home then out again a few times until I got my priorities figured out. Or so I thought at the time.

In my 20s I came to the realization that it turns out you don’t even need a high school diploma to get into college or university. I just had to pass an insanely easy entrance exam and I was in. So I went to college in Ottawa for a year and a half for business and marketing but didn’t really feel I fit in, so I left. After that I went to college for event management two years later, this time in Montreal, for a year. This time I stayed until the end, and organized the Greenman Festival for my final project and even had a website designed to showcase the event Here.

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I moved around jobs all the while working in various industries like retail, sales, warehouse, automotive repair, restaurant, and telemarketing. Also, for the first time since my late teens I started to party again. I even organized a few events with one major festival of the year. Didn’t make money doing it, in fact I lost a lot and it put me in a dark place. This led to a few months of pure possession of an idea driving me to build a plan, to learn as much as I could, and then execute that plan.

Which brings us to here & now, and why I wrote this article to begin with. No it isn’t actually about dragons or aliens. We all have a story, a movie even, that can be written about us. Personally I feel like there could be hundreds written about me, and I know feel this way as well. There are so many ideas, experiences, and trials that define us in a story. This is the story of you, your product, your service and your goal. What you want in life.

What I wanted in life was to be surrounded with prosperity by helping those around me. In so doing, the theory goes that by generating opportunities for others they will in turn generate opportunities for people around them and so on. What I wanted was a network of businesses and entrepreneurs that helped their neighbor not because they expected a return, but because they felt liberated to do so because of the network itself.


It takes a community to raise a child, ever heard that one? Entrepreneurs regularly call their ideas, their baby that they nurture and grow. That’s because your businesses is your baby. One day it may grow to be a powerful corporation. So let’s start a community of like minded entrepreneurs raise whom raise a new kind of breed of corporations!

So here is my go at it. Here is my business plan, to achieve that story I want to write about myself, that story about how I helped X amount of businesses this year and they in turn helped X more. Follow me weekly in my story on how with a network of like-minded peers we will make, in the ending, a story about success!

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